1:1 consultancy and
content accountability

1:1 support, accountability, and consultancy from someone who has been doing this whole content marketing thing for nearly a decade

A kick up the ass, with love

You know, 1:1 consultancy is one of my favourite parts of all of this (just don’t tell my other clients). 

We start the session, you feel a little anxious, putting a lot of pressure on yourself to get things right. But you arrive with an open mind, eager to learn. 

You’ll end each session with a shit ton of knowledge, clear feedback, and actionable goals (and yes, I will hold you accountable). 

Write Your Own Fucking Content

A 4-week copywriting intensive to get your content project finally fucking sorted. 

It’s so much more than just copy. In these four weeks, you’ll learn new skills you can transfer across your marketing. 


These four weeks can be genuinely transformative. You can:

Ready to get your shit together?

Website copy power hour - £150

Whether your website is going live soon or just needs a push in the right direction, a power hour is a great way for us to dig into the details and fish out any issues. 

We’ll chat over Zoom, you’ll share your screen, and we can have a thorough look through 1-2 pages of your website in close detail. 

Going through your website with the copy in situ is super important as the way your copy interacts with the design will impact how your content is understood. 

In this session, we will go through: 

Afterwards, I’ll send you some additional resources. And you can book straight through my Calendly right here. 

1:1 consultancy hours - £75

These are my most popular sessions and I absolutely bloody love them. 

We’ll meet on Zoom, chat for an hour over a coffee (or beverage of your choice), and afterwards I’ll send you the recording. 

Plus, I’m all about accountability. So I’ll set you a challenge based on your goal for the session.

And yes, I will check in to make sure you’re still working towards your goals.

Here are the things we can chat about:

To make things nice and easy, you can book yours through my Calendly.

Here are some of the wonderful folks I've run consultations with

Alice knows loads SHIT LOADS about SEO, websites, and content marketing.

I had such an incredible consultation with her where she helped me get past blocks I was facing with my content and short-form copy AND we put a plan in place for how to grow my business through content

Bridie, Founder, Why You Create | website copy Power Hour

I can’t recommend an hour with Alice more – whether you want to talk about video and social media, website copy, content strategy, SEO, or just freelancing in general.

She’s so generous with her knowledge, massively supportive of freelancers and small businesses, and just an all round amazing person to have on your side.

Nikki, Content Writer & SEO Specialist | 1:1 consultation

Alice has the amazing ability to think both big-picture and nitty-gritty detail.

She told me exactly what I need to hear. In our first session, Alice untangled my ideas, simplified my messy website plans, and thoughtfully challenged my thinking.

I gained so much from our time together.

Victoria, Coach for Neurodivergent Adults | Write Your Own Fucking Content

If you need more support, you know what to do.