SEO content audits and optimisation

Your blogs, case studies, and SEO content are already live but it’s not driving traffic or ranking for your target keywords. Don’t panic. This is right in my wheelhouse.

First up: SEO content audits (for blogs, case studies, and pillar pages)

You can’t fix the problem until you know what it is. 

That’s where the audits come in. Ideal for scouring your blog content, topic clusters, and pillar pages to establish what the issue is and how to fix it. 

How content audits work

It’s important we meet and get to know each other. I’ll ask a whole load of questions about your current rankings, challenges, goals, processes, and team. 

Then I’ll need access to your various analytics and SEO software, spend some time digging into the details, and create a detailed report and summary for you. 

The whole process from initial meeting to final report usually takes around 4 weeks.

What we want to improve and assess:

As part of the audit, I may also provide suggestions around your navigation, sitemap, and how easy this content is to find. 


This depends largely on how much content needs to be audited and the level of detail you want from the report.

Prices start at £200 per piece of content.

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Next up: content optimisation (to boost your rankings)

You’ve created a new topic cluster and need to make sure it’s up to scratch for your target keywords, usability, and accessibility before it is published. 

Or you need to fix old content that just isn’t performing anymore. 

How content optimisation works

To get the most out of this, I’ll need access to recent SEO reports, your Google Analytics, and other SEO software you use. This will help me to understand how your content is currently performing and if there are any trends among the highest performing posts. 

The whole process from initial meeting to the delivery of your fully optimised content typically takes 4-6 weeks (depending on the volume of content).

Elements included in the optimisation


This will depend on the quantity of content you need me to optimise and how much of that content needs to be expanded as part of the project. 

Prices start at £250 per piece of content. 

You deserve to have content you can be proud of

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