Content Optimisation for MyCrib UK

In July 2023, MyCrib approached me to improve their UK SEO, and we started by optimising key content on their website.

Introducing the client

MyCrib is a fairly new company with a unique product in the UK market. They offer a universal baby registry that allows people to create a wishlist from any retailer they like. They don’t sell products themselves so there are no restrictions on which products you can pull into their registry lists.

Think wedding registries, but for baby showers. A concept already popular in the US and gaining traction here in the UK. 

Where we started

Following a technical SEO audit from another contractor, MyCrib reached out to me to ask for help improving their organic SEO in the UK by improving their content. 

We had a number of challenges in place: 

  • Very high spend on PPC that they needed to decrease ASAP 
  • A custom-built CMS (which meant I had limited access to important SEO functionality)
  • Small sitemap which the search engines don’t love 

We also had some specific goals to reach with the new content: 

  • Content was already written about the right subjects, but not optimised
  • Some of the content was far too short
  • FAQ page was very process focused and missing a lot of opportunities for SEO

What I did to fix it 

In  July 2023, I began work optimising and expanding 3 critical articles on their website. Their FAQs, an article about newborn essentials, and one about planning the perfect baby shower. 

All three articles had HUGE opportunities for SEO. And while the client had created the content, it wasn’t optimised or targeted enough. 

Here’s what I worked on across the articles to improve their rankings and traffic: 

  • Reorganised the FAQs into clear sections
  • Doubled the length of the FAQs to cover questions people were actually searching for (as well as the logistics and process stuff they already had)
  • Expanded the Newborn Essentials Checklist blog from 300 words to approx. 1,000 words
  • Changed the title of two of the blogs
  • Created meta titles and meta descriptions
  • Reformatted the content to make it more scannable
  • Integrated keywords (and semantic keywords) strategically throughout the headings and copy 
  • Added internal linking and external links 
  • Ensured the language was UK English not US English

One of the articles didn’t need expanding at all. Just needed to distribute the keywords throughout the copy, add some links, and create meta data.

And the results from all of the articles have come in quickly

Clear results in less than a month

In just 3 weeks, we’ve seen an increase in organic traffic to the site, almost entirely from those four articles.

Highlights of the results so far include: 

  • Average time on page for the blogs is up to over 5 mins
  • Average time on page for FAQs is up to over 3 mins
  • Number of pages per visit has increased
  • Organic traffic is increasing steadily

And this is all with some pretty significant structural challenges within the website. So we’ll only see the results improving once those have been fixed. 

Even better, we’re continuing to work together to create SEO blog content targeting high value keywords to build towards a topic cluster. 


So you’ve seen what I can do, but what am I like to work with?

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